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Import Policy Templates

You can export policies from one tenant then import them to other tenants. This makes it easy to meet compliance or security needs without having to recreate policies. You can also delete these imported policies if they become outdated or unnecessary.

IMPORTANT: Skyhigh CASB does not support importing or exporting policies or policy templates that include more than 50 rule groups or that exceed 64 KB in size, whichever limit is reached earlier.

Import Policy Templates

To import a template:

  1. Go to Policy > Policy Templates
  2. Select the Table View
  3. Click Actions > Import Template(s).

    Policy Templates Import Template.png
  4. Click Choose File and locate the .zip file containing the template or templates you would like to import. Click Import Template(s).

    Policy Template Import Confirm.png

Delete Policy Templates

To delete imported templates:

NOTE: Deleting an imported template does not delete any DLP policies created from the template. 

  1. In the Policy Templates page, select one or more imported templates. 
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Choose Delete Template(s) to delete the selected templates from the tenant.

    Delete Imported Policy Templates.png


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