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Skyhigh Security

Access Private Applications from Mobile Devices

You can provision access to private applications from a mobile device with the ability to keep corporate resources secure.

To ensure you have a trusted identity for an endpoint, configure the mobile cloud security solution in the following interfaces:

  • Skyhigh CASB — Upload the CA certificate used by the Mobile Device Management (MDM) server software to sign the device certificates.
  • MDM solution — Push the Skyhigh Client app (App Store or Playstore) and required certificates (McAfee OV SSL CA 2,WebProtectionIntermediateServer.crt, WebProtectionRootAuthority.crt,and your CA certificate). 

IMPORTANT: You must upload the CA certificate to SSE UI before configuring the MDM solution.

Skyhigh Private Access supports iOS, Android, and MDM solutions. On iPhone, install the Intermediate Certification Authority certificate, Skyhigh Security OV SSL CA 2. 

Supported Platform Supported MDM solutions
  • AirWatch
  • Microsoft Intune
  • MobileIron

Configure the MDM software

You can use the AirWatch, Microsoft Intune, or MobileIron MDM solution to manage your users' iOS devices. For configuration details, see these Skyhigh Security Community articles:

NOTE: Make sure to set the Server Certificate Issuer Common Name value as Skyhigh Security OV SSL CA 2.

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