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Skyhigh Security

First Time Set Up on iOS Devices

You can ensure that the end users have access to the private applications they need from the iOS devices running 13 and later using the Skyhigh Client app. You need to share the certificates downloaded from the Skyhigh Security UI along with your own CA. You can share these four certificates (McAfee OV SSL CA 2,WebProtectionIntermediateServer.crt, WebProtectionRootAuthority.crt,and your CA certificate) along with the user identity (.p12) file through an email message, MDM, or copy it into the shared folder. 

Note: Get the.p12file signed by Certificate Authority (CA) and upload it to the Skyhigh Security UI. For information, see Configuring MCSC.

The end users can download the Skyhigh Client app from the App Store, required certificates, and the .p12 file received from the administrator to the device. The CA certificate should be trusted and ensured that it is available in the device trust store. 

Installing Certificates on the iOS Device

Note: The iOS device should have a passcode to install and trust a CA certificate. Furthermore, you can use MDM to automatically deploy and trust certificate without any user intervention.

  1. Download the certificates you have received from your administrators.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Profiles
  3. Tap Install.
    An alert message is displayed to inform you that installing this profile will change settings on your device.
  4. Tap Install Now.
  5. Enter your device passcode.
  6. Tap Install.
  7. Tap Done.

Upload User Identity (.p12) File

The .p12 file is a password protected file, so make sure to get the password from your administrator. Long press and save the file on your device.

Note: Make sure to upload the .p12 file to the Skyhigh Client app. Don't install this file directly.

  1. Download and install Skyhigh Client from the App Store.
  2. Read the disclaimer and select I agree to use data as specified in Terms.
  3. Tap Proceed.
  4. Tap Browse & Upload to upload the .p12 file.
    Search for the .p12 file and select it to complete the upload process.
  5. Enter the password and tap Continue.
    The Skyhigh Client app asks for permission to add VPN configuration on your phone.
  6. Tap Allow.
  7. Enter the iPhone passcode.
  8. Tap Get Started.
    Prompts you to enter login credentials.
  9. Enter your corporate username and password.
    After successful authentication, you can use the Skyhigh Client or enter the full URL of the private application in an external browser to access private applications.
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