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Skyhigh Security

Export the Client Proxy Bundle

You can export the Client Proxy bundle that includes the installer file, policy file, and a deployment script to provision secure access to private application access on an unmanaged device.

To export the Client Proxy bundle:

  1. In Skyhigh SSE go to Settings > Infrastructure > Client Proxy Management.
  2. In the policy tree, select Configuration Policies.
  3. Select the policy and Actions > Export Bundle.
  4. Select the operating system (Windows or macOS) installed on the device.
  5. Click Download
    • Windows. Windows batch and OPG file for 64-bit Windows platforms
    • macOS. OPG file and SCP distribution package 

NOTE: The downloaded zip folder contains the Skyhigh Client Proxy 4.5.0 script and installer files. However, the naming of the zipped file to MCP is to avoid errors while fetching scripts and installer files.

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