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Configure SAML Authentication for Private Access

SAML authentication is enabled for Private Access by default. We recommend that you use SAML authentication for MPA. You can disable SAML authentication, and when you do so, only Client Proxy is used for authenticating Private Access users.

For SAML authentication to succeed, make sure to complete the SAML authentication settings. Users need not re-authenticate for 12 hours after authenticating through SAML.

NOTE: You cannot enable Clientless Access without enabling SAML authentication. Furthermore, once Clientless Access is enabled, you cannot disable the SAML authentication at a later time.

To configure SAML authentication for Private Access:

  1. In Skyhigh SSE go to Settings > Infrastructure > Private Access Configuration
  2. Click the Authentication tab.
    SAML authentication is enabled by default.
  3. Click to disable SAML authentication.
    ​​​​​​​When you disable SAML authentication, Private Access users are authenticated only through Client Proxy. 
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