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The Connectors page provides the details of connectors, number of connectors configured in a connector group, number of private applications that are up and running, average utilization of all connectors in a connector group, and the timestamp of the last activity. You can also export the displayed data to CSV, XLS, or PDF formats.

You can access this page from Analytics | Connectors.

This page provides the following filters and options:

  • Filters — Use filters to control the kind of data displayed on the Connectors page.
    • Status — Select the connector status.
    • Utilization — Select the utilization percentage of all the connectors configured in a connector group.
    • Connector Group — Select the connector group associated with an application.
  • Views — Save a view and reuse it to search data at any time. You can also create your own dashboard using this saved view.
  • Export — Export the displayed data to a CSV, XLS, and PDF file.
  • Search — Use the Search bar to view data that matches the criteria you specify.
  • Edit Table Columns — Customize tables by sorting the data in ascending or descending order, resizing columns, and selecting certain columns.
  • Schedule — Schedule the current view of the connectors report to run itself daily, weekly, or monthly, every three months, or yearly. You can either download these scheduled reports from the Reports section or provide an email address to automatically send reports to the recipients.

You can view the following information in either chart or table format:

  • Connectors — The name of the connector.
  • Connector Group — The name of the connector group.
  • Total Applications — The total number of applications assigned in a connector group.
  • Up Applications — The total number of applications that are up and running.
  • Down Applications — The total number of applications that are down.
  • Traffic Volume — Displays the traffic volume in megabytes per second.
  • Utilization — Displays the utilization of a connector in percentage. Action to be taken if utilization is in red.
  • PA Connections — Displays the total number of connections made to an application.
  • Status — Displays the connector status.
  • Last Activity — Displays the timestamp of the last activity in a connector group.
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