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Query Incident Information Keys API

The Query Incident Information Keys API retrieves list of Incident.information keys to access values from the Incident.information map.

  URL example --


Code Description
default List of keys with descriptions for corresponding Incident types used to access values from the Incident Information map.



Name Description Type Example
IncidentInformationKeysByType The list of information keys available per incident type. The information keys consist of two fields, key ::= key to access value from information map, and value ::= description of the value that will be retrieved String Values :== [ AuditViolation (Alert.Audit...) | PolicyViolation (Alert.Policy.Dlp) | SanctionedAnomaly (Alert...) | ShadowAnomaly (Alert...) | Threat (Threat...) ]
informationKeys A pair of key and value (standard map entry). String  


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