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Determine the Service ID from the Service Name

This endpoint returns the serviceID and a service description based on a request containing a service name. This can be used to determine the serviceID for use in other Registry API calls.

URI for Request




Example Request

You can search the service using exact match or pattern. In this example, the search is for Skyhigh Security Service Edge. keythatidentifiesthepartner is the API key provided to you by support during initial API setup.

{ "apikey" : "keythatidentifiesthepartner", "servicename":"skyhigh", "matchtype":"pattern" }

{ "apikey" : "keythatidentifiesthepartner", "servicename":"skyhigh", "matchtype":"exactmatch" }

Search Using Category, Sub-Category, and Risk Score

If searchparams has more than one entry, then the query will be on AND between the search parameters.

The following serachparams are currently supported:

  • servicecategory
  • servicesubcategory
  • riskscore

The following operators are supported: =  , >=  , <= , > , < .

Example Search 1

Search CSPs where the service category is equal to "Collaboration". 

{ "apikey" : "3d532f34-67c6-46d1-a97e-a0ad4ccd2209", "searchparams":[{"param":"servicecategory", 
"searchkey": "Collaboration", "operator":"="}] }

Example Search 2

Search CSPs where the service sub category is like "Web Mail".

{ "apikey" : "3d532f34-67c6-46d1-a97e-a0ad4ccd2209", "searchparams":[{"param":"servicesubcategory", 
"searchkey": "Web Mail", "operator":"like"}] }

Example Search 3

Search CSPs where the service category is equal to "Collaboration" AND the service sub category is like "Web Mail".

{ "apikey" : "3d532f34-67c6-46d1-a97e-a0ad4ccd2209", "searchparams":[{"param":"servicecategory", 
"searchkey": "Collaboration", "operator":"="}, 
{"param":"servicesubcategory", "searchkey": "Web Mail", "operator":"like"}] }

Example Search 4

Search CSPs where the service category is equal to "Collaboration" AND the risk score greater than or equal to 6.

{ "apikey" : "3d532f34-67c6-46d1-a97e-a0ad4ccd2209", "searchparams":[{"param":"servicecategory", 
"searchkey": "Collaboration", "operator":"like"}, 
{"param":"riskscore", "searchkey": "6","operator":">="}] }

Example Response 

{"requeststatus":"success", "message":"", "searchresults":[{"description":"Skyhigh Cloud Services Manager 
is a cloud-based security solution providing visibility and control for cloud services. Solutions include 
log ingestion and management statistical and behavioral modeling, and reverse proxy server configuration.", 
"servicename":"Skyhigh Cloud Services Manager", "serviceid":"7004"}]}
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