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Create a Rule Using the Rule Builder

You can use the Rule Builder that is provided to create a new rule in a rule set.

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, select Policy > Web Policy > Policy.

  2. On the Web Policy page, select the rule set where you want to insert the new rule. Select it from the policy tree in the navigation panel on the left. For example, expand Global Bypass and select Global Bypass Lists.

  3. Click the three dots at the very right of an existing rule. Under Add Custom Rule in the menu that opens select Via Rule Builder.

    Options for selecting the elements of the new rule appear below the existing rules.

  4. Work with these options to create a new rule. For example, select elements to create a rule that blocks requests from users who have their names listed in a block list. 

    1. In the Rule Name field, type a name for the new rule.

      For example, type Block Requests from Users in List.
    2. Click Select Criteria, and from the list in the window that opens, select the criteria for the new rule

      To view a short description of each list item, make sure Show Description is selected. For example, select Username, then click Add to add the criteria to the rule.
    3. Click Select Operator, and from the list in the window that opens, select an operator.

      When you select Username as the criteria, is is selected at the same time as an operator. Click is, and from the list, select is in as an operator since you want the new rule to block requests from users with names that are in a particular list.

    4. Click Select Value, and from the list in the window that opens, select a suitable value for the criteria.

      For example, select Global Blocked User Names, then click Done

    5. Click Select Action, and from the list in the window that opens, select a suitable action for the rule.

      For example, select Block request. When you select this action, you must also select a template for the block message that is sent to the user who sent the request. Click Select Template, and from the list, select, for example, Blocked Account.

    6. For this example, leave out the Add Event option, as including an event in a rule is optional.

  5. To enable the new rule, use the toggle at the right end of the rule line. If it shows a green field, the rule
       is enabled. 


You have now created a new web policy rule in the rule set that you selected.

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