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Configuring GRE Tunnels on Your Network Device or in Your SD-WAN Service

When configuring GRE tunnels to connect your network to Secure Web Gateway, you must also configure interfaces for these tunnels on the network device or in the SD-WAN service that you are using.

For this configuration you need the information shown below. It includes several IP addresses that are provided by Secure Web Gateway after it has allocated two GRE tunnels, see also Configure GRE Tunnels on Secure Web Gateway.

You need the following:

  • External Source IP address The external IP address that you specified when you configured GRE tunnels on Secure Web Gateway (E1)
  • Skyhigh Security Points of Presence (Skyhigh PoPs) — The domain names of the PoPs for the primary and secondary GRE tunnel, which you need to look up their IP addresses based on the location of your network (E2 and E3) 
  • Internal Source IP addresses — The source IP addresses that Secure Web Gateway allocated on your network, one for each GRE tunnel (G1 and G3)
  • Internal Destination IP addresses — The destination IP addresses on the Secure Web Gateway network, one for each GRE tunnel (G2 and G4)

The diagram below illustrates how the GRE tunnels and PoPs are configured. 


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