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About Migrating from WGCS to SWG

Follow this document to complete your migration once you have received an Email Notification from Skyhigh Security as a Final Migration Note.

Choose Your Migration Path


Depending upon which product you use, please refer to the sections below:

Current SKU



WPS (Web Protection Suite)


Migrate from WPS to WPS2 (ePO Managed MCP Agent and Policy)

SaaS Only SWE


Migrate from SWE to SWG Cloud (ePO Cloud Managed MCP Agent and Policy)


All existing customers have received a new entitlement on Skyhigh Security Cloud for the New SKU. If you have not gotten an email with details, contact Skyhigh Support



Q: We currently manage the Skyhigh Client Proxy (MCP) via one of the two legacy cloud platforms. How will we be able to manage MCP Policy and Agent Deployment?

A: WPS2 or Skyhigh SWG (MVW) do not contain any ePO as a service. Please reach out to your account manager or Support. 
Technically, You can manage MCP Policy using either Trellix On-Prem ePO, Trellix ePO, or Skyhigh Security Cloud. Client Proxy management and deployment can be done using either ePO on-premises or Trellix ePO, or a software distribution tool of your choice.

Q: We currently create Web Usage Reports through Cloud ePO (not Trellix ePO). What happens to those reports?

A. Historical data for the analytics will be available in Skyhigh Security Cloudand remain accessible through Content Security Reporter (CSR) on premises, or ePO Cloud, or the API directly for download. (Historical data will only be available through ePO cloud until the end of December.) Custom reports must be recreated using the reporting and analytics features within Skyhigh Security Cloud.

Q: Will I be able to manage my SWG policy from the cloud?

A. WPS2 is a replacement for customers running in hybrid mode. With that, Skyhigh Security Cloud will not provide an SWG policy or other features of the SSE platform. Policy management needs to happen from the appliances as previously done in a hybrid deployment. Skyhigh SWG does include both, the option to deploy in hybrid while keeping a cloud policy in parallel.


IMPORTANT: SAML on port 8084 is not supported with Security Service Edge Web Hybrid.

Video Walkthrough


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