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Skyhigh Security

Apply Web Changes Globally

To apply locally saved web setup or policy changes globally, you must publish them to the cloud, where they are saved in the Global Policy Store.

As you set up Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service or configure the web policy, the changes you make are saved locally to a database. While ruleset changes are saved automatically, you manually save changes you make to the setup, the lists, and the feature configuration settings.

The yellow badge on the publish shield on the Skyhigh CASB navigation bar indicates that you have locally saved changes to publish. Clicking the shield opens these options:

  • Publish — Publish locally saved changes to the cloud.
  • Discard Changes — Discard locally saved changes.
  • Keep working — Return to work and publish later.


Publishing is a web protection function. The publish shield is only visible from the WSGS Setup and Web Policy pages in Skyhigh CASB.

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