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Routing Traffic to PoPs

Find the IP addresses of the best and second-best available points of presence and use them when configuring the primary and secondary IPsec or GRE tunnels.

Secure Web Gateway is delivered from the Skyhigh Security Cloud platform, which consists of globally distributed nodes called points of presence (PoPs). The Global Routing Manager (GRM) is a DNS service that is responsible for intelligent traffic routing, load sharing, and failover. The GRM routes traffic to the best available point of presence.

To view a global map of the points of presence and see status, setup, and support information, visit

Finding the Best Available PoPs

You can find the PoP closest to your location by using the nslookup tool to query the Global Routing Manager (GRM). GRM returns the IP addresses of the best available points of presence based on your location. You need these addresses when configuring IPsec or GRE tunnel interfaces on your networking device or in your SD-WAN service.

To find the IP addresses of the best and second-best available PoPs, run the nslookup command-line tool from your network, as shown.

  • IPsec example
  • GRE example
nslookup 1.c<customer_id>
nslookup 2.c<customer_id>
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