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Skyhigh Security

Add Log Data Residency to a Location


Log data from Skyhigh CASB can be stored in different geographic locations. For each location, configure where you want your data stored and used for reporting.

  1. In Skyhigh CASB, click the settings icon.
  2. Select Infrastructure | Web Gateway Setup.
  3. Select a configured location.
  4. From the Log Data Residency drop-down list, select an option:
    1. Default
    2. North America
    3. Europe
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Singapore
    6. United Arab Emirates

When Default is selected, your data is stored and used for reporting in the region where you connect to the cloud service via globally distributed nodes called points of presence.

  1. Click Save.

You have now specified where to store log data for the selected location.

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