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Adding Mobile Devices to Protected Endpoints

When adding mobile devices to include them among the endpoints that are protected by Secure Web Gateway, you need to complete several configuration activities. They are completed on different user interfaces as follows:

  • User interface for Secure Web Gateway  Provided by Skyhigh Security Cloud

    You upload the CA certificate here that is needed to set up and run a VPN gateway within your Mobile Cloud Security (MCS) solution. It is also used by the Mobile Device Management (MDM) server software to sign the mobile device certificates.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that you upload the CA certificate before you configure Mobile Device Management.

  • User interface for the MDM product  Provided by the Mobile Device Management (MDM) product 

    You configure an identify certificate profile for the mobile devices here as well as an VPN profile.

Supported Operating Systems and MDM Products

The operating systems listed in the following are supported as platforms for the mobile devices together with the listed Mobile Device Management (MDM) products when you configure and run a Mobile Cloud Security solution.

An MDM product consists of client software that is installed on the mobile devices and server software that is configured to manage the devices.

Supported operating systems Supported MDM products
  • VMware
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Ivanti Neurons
  • VMware
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Ivanti Neurons

Configuring an MDM Product

You can use the VMware, Microsoft Intune, or Ivanti Neurons MDM products, also referred to as solutions, to manage the Android or iOS devices that you include when configuring Mobile Cloud Security (MCS) with Secure Web Gateway.

For more information, see one of the following as needed:

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