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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Web Gateway Cloud Service Point of Presence (PoP) Counter

An increment or decrement of  PoP counter is observed because of the following reasons:

  • Addition of a new PoP
  • Decommissioning of an existing PoP
  • New PoP that replaces an old PoP for improved performance.

The Skyhigh Security Status site provides customers with an overview of the globally distributed PoP and current health status.

An increment in the PoP counter generally means that a new PoP has been added to the overall Cloud infrastructure.

A decrement in the PoP counter in the other hand signifies decommissioning or repalcement of PoP with another PoP that has better performance.

POPs are decommissioned if an equivalent is offered with improved performance for the same region. The replacement is usually a high-speed peering data center with a direct connection to an internet exchange node.

Increment or decrement of PoP Counter is quite an expected behaviour and demands no specific action.

Service degradation isn't expected.


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