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Skyhigh Security

Download the Client Proxy Software

Download the Client Proxy server and client software from the Skyhigh Security Content & Cloud Security Portal to your administrator system.

If you are using Trellix ePO Cloud or Trellix ePO, there is no software to download or install.

  1. Log on to your administrator system as administrator.
  2. Go to the Skyhigh Security Content & Cloud Security Portal.
  3. Enter your user name and password, then click Login.
  4. Select Products | Skyhigh Security Web Gateway| Downloads | Tools.
  5. Under Skyhigh Security Client Proxy, click the .zip file icon for the Client Proxy version you want to download, then click Download.
  6. Click Save File, then click OK.
  7. In your Downloads folder, extract the .zip file contents to a folder on your system for later use.

The Client Proxy server and client software files are downloaded to your system.

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