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Client Proxy Metadata

When the Client Proxy software redirects HTTP/HTTPS traffic, it adds metadata to the requests.

Other products, such as Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service, use the metadata (for example, group membership) when applying web protection policies.

  • Authentication tokens — Tokens containing identity information about the user making the web request
  • Authentication version — Version of the metadata that Client Proxy is sharing
  • Client IP address — IP address of the endpoint where the traffic originated
  • Original destination IP address — Saved IP address of the server where the traffic is destined
  • Customer ID — Uniquely identifies the customer's organization
  • User ID — Uniquely identifies the user making the web request
  • User groups — Names of any groups where the user is a member
  • Process name — Name of the process that generated the traffic being redirected
  • Tenant ID — Unique GUID for a customer
  • System info — System information such as MAC address, host name, process uptime, operating system name, and operating system version
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