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Configure the Bypass List

You can configure domain names or network addresses, and process names in the bypass list. You can view the lists of items added to the bypass list and add, edit, or remove items from the lists as you need. The Client Proxy policy allows traffic that matches the items on the bypass list to bypass the primary proxy server and go directly to the Internet. The servers in the alternative proxy list are not affected by the bypass list.


  • You can check the firewall rules section on the Zoom Support and Microsoft site to know the list of domains, IP addresses, and process names of the Zoom and Teams applications to be added to the bypass list.
  • You should not add ports 443 and 80 to the Bypass all proxies for traffic on these ports list.

To configure Client Proxy policy to bypass Zoom and Teams traffic:

  1. On the Skyhigh SSE navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Select Infrastructure | Client Proxy Management.
  3. In the policy tree, select Configuration Policies.
  4. Click Create New Policy or select a policy from the policy tree.
  5. Click the Proxy Bypass tab.
  6. Complete the following: 
    • Do one of the following to add domain names or IP addresses:
      • Select Bypass all proxies for traffic to these domains to open Bypass traffic to the domains.
        • From the Add Domain drop-down list, select Add Inline.
          • Domain — Enter the domain names of Zoom and Teams application.
          • Comment — Enter additional information.
          • + — Click this to add another IP address.
            Note: You can use the Import CSV option to import domain list.
      • Select Bypass all proxies for traffic to these destination IP addresses to open Bypass traffic to the IP addresses.
        • From the Add IP Address drop-down list, select Add Inline.
          • IP Address — Enter the IP address of Zoom and Teams applications. For example,
          • Comment — Enter additional information.
          • + — Click this to add more IP addresses to the list.
            Note: You can use the Import CSV option to import IP address list.

    1. Select Bypass all the proxies for traffic from these processes to open Bypass traffic to the processes.
      • From the Add Process drop-down list, select Add Inline.
        • Process — Enter the process from which the traffic is bypassed. For example, zoom.exe. teams.exe 

          Note: You need not add Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge web browsers to the process list here. Ensure to add these to the process name list under the Local Breakout tab.
        • Comment — Enter additional information.
        • + — Click this to configure another process.

  7. Click Save
    You can publish saved changes to the cloud now or keep working and publish later.
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