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SCP Policy Rollout Issues

Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem) and Trellix ePO connect to the Trellix Agent, which is installed locally on a client.

For information on ports for network or firewall, see:

  • Trellix ePO port requirements for firewall traffic, KB66797.
  • Ports and URLs needed for Trellix ePO - SaaS communication through a firewall, KB90878.

To troubleshoot policy issues, try the following solutions:

  • Check the Trellix Agent Status Monitor window for any connectivity errors. 
  • Check the packet capture to see if connections on ports 80/443/8081 are working. 
  • Make sure that the required ports are allowed in the network as well as on the network/client firewall.

If you have performed all steps and the issue persists, reproduce the issue and raise an SR with all relevant information.

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