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Troubleshoot the SCP Installation

When there are issues with SCP installation, we find that 99% of all install issues are caused by third-party security.

Bypass Directories and Executables

For information on lists of directories and executables to bypass, see KB90163

  • Make sure to bypass SCP from being filtered or inspected by third-party security solution software
  • If you feel any other directories/executables should be bypassed, then create a Support Request and identify third-party software or blocked paths. 

Identify Errors

To identify errors, you can use the logs MCPInstall.log and Vscoreinstall.log located at C:\Windows\Temp\SkyhighLogs\.

NOTE: An error is signified by a non-zero return value. 

If the installation was successful, Vscoreinstall returns 0. Otherwise if the install was not successful, it returns a random high number, such as 12341234*.


To reproduce any issues with the installation, use a Windows client without any other third-party security software installed. 

  • If you can reproduce the issue, raise an SR with all relevant information
  • If you cannot reproduce the issue,  install third-party security software and test again. If the issue occurs again, check the logs and bypass list from your third-party software.
  • If you still cannot find the root cause of the problem, raise an SR with all relevant information
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