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About Configuring Authentication

You can implement authentication and adapt it to the needs of your network.

Complete the following high-level steps.

  1. Enable the Authenticate and Authorize rule set of the default rule set system.
  2. Review the nested Authenticate with User Database rule set.
    This rule set contains a single rule, which asks unauthenticated users to authenticate.
    The rule criteria includes settings for the Authentication module, which specify use of the User Database authentication method. This means information for authenticating users is retrieved from an internal database on the appliance.
  3. Modify the default rule set as needed.
    You can, for example, do the following:
    • Modify the common parameters of the Authentication module
    • Modify the specific parameters for the User Database method
    • Implement a different authentication method, for example, NTLM or LDAP
    • Modify the specific parameters for the new authentication method
  4. Consider importing a rule set from the library to implement authentication for a different type of communication, for example, instant messaging authentication.
  5. Save your changes.
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