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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Cloud single sign-on

Cloud single sign-on (SSO) is the Secure Web Gateway service that allows users in your organization to access cloud services and applications after providing credentials one time. The SSO service is implemented by the Single Sign On module.

In the context of cloud single sign-on, unless otherwise noted, the following terms are used as described here:

  • Service Provider — The organization that provides the cloud service or application
  • Users — Members of your organization who seek access to cloud services and applications
    Using the launchpad provided by Secure Web Gateway, users submit credentials, open applications, and manage their accounts in the applications.
  • User interface — The Secure Web Gateway interface where administrators configure the SSO service
  • Cloud connector — The configuration that allows Secure Web Gateway to connect to and provide identity and SSO services for an application or service in the cloud
  • Predefined connector — Any cloud connector that comes fully configured with Secure Web Gateway
  • Custom connector — Any cloud connector configured from a template

Secure Web Gateway provides a range of connector templates. Some templates come with most, but not all, configuration built in. Other templates allow you to build cloud connectors from scratch.

NOTE: The terms cloud service and cloud application are used interchangeably.

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