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Skyhigh Security

New, Edit, and Duplicate Log Source Page (Log Sources Page)

Configure or modify log source settings.

The Log type area of the page remains at the top regardless of which tab you choose.

Option Definition
Enable log source When selected, allows Content Security Reporter to accept or collect log file data.
Log format These log format options are available to configure a log source:
  • Web Gateway (Webwasher) – Auto Discover

  • Web Gateway (MATD) – Auto Discover

  • Web Gateway Cloud Service

  • Email Gateway

  • Email and Web Security (Web)

  • Email and Web Security (Email)

  • SiteAdvisor Enterprise

  • Firewall Enterprise (Sidewinder) SFv4 – Text format

  • SmartFilter IFP SFv4 – Text format

  • Blue Coat SG – Auto Discover format

  • Network Security Platform

  • One Time Password

Mode These mode options are available to configure a log source:
  • Accept incoming log files:

    • FTP(S)/HTTP(S)

    • Syslog

  • Collect log files from:

    • Web Gateway 6.x (Webwasher)

    • Web Gateway 7.x

    • Web Gateway 7.x (MATD)

    • Web Gateway Cloud Service

    • FTP(S) server

    • Directory on report server

    • Network Security Manager

Note: The mode you select depends on the ability of your web filtering device to send log files.

Name Specifies the name for the log source.
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