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Secure Web Gateway Header Formats

This table provides information on Secure Web Gateway log file headers used in Content Security Reporter and the necessary modifications to correctly parse the data.

Header Description
"attribute" URL categories.
"auth_user" Client user name.
"auth_user_anonymous" Anonymous user name.
block_res Filtering action.
bytes_to_client Number of bytes written to the client.
bytes_from_client Number of bytes received from the client.
bytes_to_server Number of bytes sent to the web server from Secure Web Gateway.
bytes_from_server Number of bytes received from the web server.
"categories" URL categories.
elapsed_time Time to process request.
"media_type" Content-type header.
"profile" Skipped.
"referer" Referer.
"rep_level" Reputation of the URL.
"req_line" Request.
src_host Client host name.
src_ip Client IP address.
status_code HTTP status code.
time_stamp Time of request.
unix_epoch UNIX time stamp.
"user_agent" Client user agent.
"virus_name" Name of virus found in the request.


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