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Reset the CSR Passkey

It is not possible to recover the current Content Security Reporter server password because it is encrypted. Use the following instructions to reset the CSR Passkey.

To reset your CSR Passkey:

  1. Create a folder named backup inside ..\reporter\conf\ path.
  2. Navigate to ..\reporter\conf\backupauto.
  3. Copy backup.xml from the location above to ..\reporter\conf\backup folder.
  4. Then open backup.xml in any text editor and search for the keyword encryptedPassword.

Immediately following this string, the encrypted password is listed.

It looks something like this: 2pCEMfvkAoNVjKdQ8up/oHK2K+g= .


Replace the password above with the respective encryptedPassword key from the version of CSR currently being used.

  • for 2.6 and earlier use: W6ph5Mm5Pz8GgiULbPgzG37mj9g= .
  • for 2.7 use: D7aCwTdgpWY1hWEi1daNIxf4f91OA0eUAB/H0YgRdXc= .
  • for 2.8 use: 2QXRvYf7jRo9S+cvnLahWnmUcDeUkbErAfi/tEkl870= .
  • for 2.9 use: WCXJxct3UUL2IRE6Uew9+giYXSdXrNttKDLr2vSoU0s= .


After replacement it will look like this:

<column name="encryptedPassword">WCXJxct3UUL2IRE6Uew9+giYXSdXrNttKDLr2vSoU0s=</column>

  1. Save and close this file.
  2. Copy the respective CSR version csr.keystore.old into ..\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\ .

You can download the csr.keystore.old files for each version of CSR you have installed and decrypt it.

Open your backup.xml and use it as the example :

build-number="160" software-release="2.8.0" in that case  remove 280.160_ prefix of 280.160_csr.keystore.old file and copy it to ..\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration

NOTE: For CSR 2.6 and earlier, copy keystore.jks into ..\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\ .


  1. Restart the CSR service.
  2. Navigate to Registered Servers > Report Server > Actions > Edit > Details in ePO.
  3. In the passkey field enter password.
  4. Click test connection. If it is successful, click Save. Now you can access the Report Server Settings page.
  5. To change the passkey, again go to Registered Servers > Report Server > Actions > Edit > Details.
  6. Click Change Passkey.
  7. Provide the current passkey as password.
  8. In the passkey field, enter your new desired passkey and confirm.
  9. To reset your passkey, click OK.
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