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URL Categorization and Rating

When URLs are submitted by users to get access to web objects, lookups are performed to assign them to particular categories and rate them for their web reputation.

According to what is configured, this information is looked up in the local Secure Web Gateway database or using the Global Threat Intelligence service for an “in-the-cloud” lookup. When this service is used, its servers take the role of feedback servers.

The data is sent each time an in-the-cloud lookup for web categorization or reputation is performed for a URL.

Data collected for URL categorization and rating

The following types of data are collected for URL categorization and rating.

  • Product name, for example, SWG
  • Version number, for example, 7.5.0
  • Customer ID as specified in the license information
  • HTTP Referer Header
  • HTTP User Agent Header
  • ID of the appliance that Secure Web Gateway  is running on (UUID)
  • URL that was submitted by a user

This does not include user name and password (if contained in the URL).

Disable data collection for URL categorization and rating

You can disable the collection of data about URL categorization and rating by disabling in-the-cloud lookups on the user interface of Secure Web Gateway.

  1. Select Policy > Settings.
  2. Under Engines > URL Filter select the URL Filter settings you want to disable in-the-cloud lookups for.
  3. Under Rating Settings deselect the following two checkboxes one after another:
    • Enable the Dynamic Content Classifier if GTI web categorization yields no result (NOTE: you can find out what the expected result should be by using
    • Use online GTI web reputation and categorization services if local rating yields no result
  4. Click Save Changes.
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