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Changes and Additions to the Secure Web Gateway Reference Documentation

Changes and additions to the Secure Web Gateway PDF files with reference matter are not incorporated in the PDFs, but explained here.

REST Interface - Deleting a Rule Set

Name of the PDF file: REST Interface

Path to the relevant section: Working with the REST interface > Working with rule sets > Deleting a rule set

Change or addition: Delete command modified

Details: The term delete was removed from the end of the Delete command. This involved a change of the command format and example shown in the Request format and Sample command subsections.

Request format

<URL>/rulesets/rulegroups/<rule set ID>/delete > <URL>/rulesets/rulegroups/<rule set ID>

Sample command

curl -i -b cookies.txt H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X DELETE "$REST/rulesets/rulegroups/2037/delete" > curl -i -b cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X DELETE "$REST/rulesets/rulegroups/2037"

Pages: 930/931

Remarks: Be sure not to include a final delete when using the command for deleting a rule set. Also, do not forget the dash before the -H parameter, which had been omitted in the sample command within the PDF file.

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