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Secure Web Gateway Rule Sets

Rule sets contain rules for a handling a particular field of web security. These fields include anti-malware filtering, URL filtering, media type filtering, and others.

Availability of Rule Sets

Rule sets are made available for your administration activities as follows:

  • Default rule sets — After the initial setup of Secure Web Gateway, default rule sets are provided for some important fields of web security. You can modify, rename, and delete these rule sets and the rules within them later on and also create new rule sets and rules.
  • Library rule sets — A built-in rule set library is shipped with Secure Web Gateway. You can import rule sets from this library to cover more fields of web security or extend the coverage of the default fields. All default rule sets are also contained in this library.

An online rule set library offers even more rule sets, which you can import with relevant documentation after accessing the built-in library.

Rule Set Views

When working with a default or library rule set, there are usually two views available:

  • Key elements view — This view allows you to configure key elements of the rules in this rule set. Key elements are those parts of the rules that you will most likely want to work with when configuring your policy for a particular field of web security. They include, for example, lists of web objects or settings for modules. In some cases, you can also enable or disable a rule, but you cannot view any rule completely, nor perform any other activities where a complete rule would be involved, such as deleting or creating a rule.
  • Complete rules view — This view allows you to view all rules in the rule set and to configure all their elements, including the key elements. You can also enable or disable, move, copy, delete, and create rules in this view.

When you create a rule set on your own, this can only be done using the complete rules view. This is also the only view that will be available for a rule set of this kind later on.

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