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Enable the SNMP Subagent

Enable the SNMP Subagent (SNMPSA) from a system console to retrieve information on the hardware status of an appliance.

Use of the SNMPS Subagent (SNMPSA) is not supported on the WBG-4500-E appliance. Work with the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) instead to retrieve hardware-related information.

  1. Make sure you have configured the SNMP settings on the user interface of the appliance.

    For information on how to configure these settings, refer to the Monitoring chapter of the Web Gateway Product Guide
  2. From a system console, log on to the appliance, using SSH.
  3. Run the following command:


    The SNMP Subagent is enabled.

    You can disable the SNMP Subagent using the snmpsa-disable command.

When the SNMP Subagent is enabled, hardware status information is available under the SNMP protocol.

An overview of the available information is provided in MIB (Management Information Base) files, which are located in the file system of the monitored appliance. The path to these files is /usr/local/snmpsa/mibs.

For more information on working with the SNMP Subagent, refer to the Intel SNMP Subagent User Guide.

You can download this document from the Intel website under

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