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Model E Appliances

The model E appliances are the latest generation of hardware that can be used as a platform for the Secure Web Gateway appliance software.

This model generation includes:

  • WBG-4500-E
  • WBG-5000-E
  • WBG-5500-E

For hardware specifications, see Secure Web Gateway Model E Appliances Hardware Specification Sheet.

The following is different when working with these models compared to others that are used for running Secure Web Gateway:

  • Port assignments
  • Disk replacement
  • Software updates


Video Devices on WBG-4500-E

The WBG-4500-E appliance is shipped with two DisplayPorts (DPs), which are covered by lids. They cannot be used when running the Web Gateway appliance software on this hardware platform.

The WBG-4500-E appliance also has a VGA interface, which is accessible. You can connect a VGA monitor with keyboard and mouse here to access the appliance in command-line interface (CLI) mode.


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