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Secure Web Gateway Appliance Hardware Models

Several models are available to serve as a hardware platform for installing the appliance software and running Secure Web Gateway as a physical appliance.

Each model has a short name that begins with WBG for Web Gateway and is followed by a number. The model generation is indicated by a letter at the end of the name.

The newer hardware models include:

The older models include:

  • WBG-4500-C
  • WBG-5000-C
  • WBG-5500-C

The model name can also be found on a label on top of the hardware chassis.


Model Name on the User Interface

When you are running Web Gateway as a physical appliance on a hardware platform, you can view the model name on the user interface under Configuration | Appliances.

The appliance you are currently working on is displayed in a tree structure with its system settings. When the appliance is connected to others in a cluster, these are also displayed.

Each appliance has an ID, which is also shown, consisting of mwgappl as prefix and a number.


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