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Alternate Network Interface Configuration for WBG-5000-E and WBG-5500-E

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Starting from Q4 2021, the Web Gateway WBG-5500-E and WBG-5000-E back panel Ethernet interface port layout is changed. The new models come with a different layout for ports 3-6, while other ports will remain the same. However, appliances might still be assembled using the original network interface card based on availability. You can still add a 4-port fiber card to increase the port count to 8, which must be installed in Riser #2. 

When installing new fiber card, you must remove the card already present in the alternative configuration.

Steps to install the 4-port fiber card for alternative network interface configuration:

Remove the originally shipped 2-port Interface Network Module:

  1. Turn off the system and detach power cables.
  2. Detach network cables from NIC ports module.
  3. Remove the tamper-proof label. 
  4. Remove the system top cover:
    1. Loosen two captive thumb screws located on the back of the system cover.
    2. Slide the system top cover back.
    3. Lift the cover upward.
  5. Locate the interface module installed in riser # 2 closest to the PSU.
  6. Grasp the riser card and network assembly and carefully pull straight up and remove card.
  7. Remove the screw from riser card.
  8. Remove the Network add-on X550-T2 from riser card connector.

Install the new 4-port Interface Network Module:

  1. Locate the 4-port fiber card.
  2. Insert the 4-port fiber card in the slot on the riser card until it is fully seated.
  3. Secure the 4 ports fiber card to the riser bracket with the screw.
  4. Position the riser card edge connector over the riser slot on the server board.
  5. Align the two hooks on the back edge of the riser assembly with the slot on the back of the chassis.
  6. Once aligned, carefully Press the riser assembly straight down into the riser slot.

    Do not rock the riser assembly into place as it may damage the contact pins within the riser slot.

  7. Install the top cover:
    1. Place the system cover onto the chassis and slide the cover forward until the front edge of the system cover is pressed up against the back edge of the front drive bay.
    2. Hand tighten the two captive thumb screws at the back of the chassis.
  8. Plug cables into the 4 ports fiber card.
  9. Test the system function.
  10. Install the tamper label.

Old Back Panel layout:

New Back Panel layout:

Port assignments on WBG-5000-E and WBG-5500-E:

Label Interface
1 Network interface 1
2 Network interface 2
3 Serial
5 Network interface 3
6 Network interface 4
7 Network interface 5
8 Network interface 6


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