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Back Panel and Port Assignments

The WBG-5000-F and WBG-5500-F appliance models use similar hardware platforms with the same chassis. They are both shipped with four network interfaces, a console interface, and an RMM interface on its back panel. More network interfaces can be added.

The console interface provides a port with a DB9 connector. Each of the four initial network interfaces provides an RJ45 connector port.

The initial network interfaces reside on a network interface card (NIC), which is a PCIe riser card that is preinstalled in the slot within the upper right corner of the back panel, as shown in the illustration below, where this slot is labeled as (1).

Slots (A1) and (A2) are for installing additional network interface cards. Slot (2) is currently not used for installing a card.

For more information about the cards that can be additionally installed here, see Additional Network Interface Cards.


The picture below shows a network interface card with four network interfaces actually installed in slot (1).


The next picture shows the position of the RMM interface marked in red between slots (2) and (1).


The network interfaces provide ports, which the operating system assigns names to as shown in the following table.

For these port assignments, see also Port Assignments on WBG-5000-F and Port Assignments on WBG-5500-F. You will also find the port assignments for network interfaces on additionally installed network interface cards there. 

Position Interface Name assigned to port on interface
Slot (1) Network interface 1 (on preinstalled card, outer left) eth3
Slot (1) Network interface 2 (on preinstalled card, mid left) eth2
Slot (1) Network interface 3 (on preinstalled card, mid right) eth1
Slot (1) Network interface 4 (on preinstalled card, outer right) eth0
On left side of slot (A1) Console  
Between slots (2) and (1) RMM

For operating the Remote Management Module (RMM) with Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) 
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