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About the Model F Appliances

This generation of appliance hardware models for Secure Web Gateway includes the WBG-5000-F and WBG-5500-F appliances.

For specifications, see Secure Web Gateway Model F Appliances Data Sheet. For more details about how to work with these appliance models, see the sections under WBG-5000-F and WBG-5500-F.

For information about how to check the hardware status, see Retrieve Hardware Status Information with the SuperDoctor5 (SD5) Tool.

The following sections also provide more information about these models.

Supported Secure Web Gateway Appliance Software Versions

Due to their new baseboards and other changes, the model F appliances do not support older versions of the Secure Web Gateway appliance software.

The following table shows the software versions that are supported.

Main version Supported on model F appliances
10.x.x 10.2.19 and later
11.x.x 11.2.8 and later
12.x.x 12.1.1 and later

The version that is currently shipped with these models is Secure Web Gateway 11.2.8.

You can downgrade from this version to a 10.x.x version or upgrade to a 12.x.x version. Refer to the table for the versions you need to upgrade to at least.

We recommend further upgrading to the latest available version, regardless of whether you prefer to continue with an 11.x.x version or to downgrade or upgrade as explained above.

The 10.x.x versions are scheduled to reach their end-of-life (EOL) date in December 2023. We also recommend upgrading in time here.  

RAID Initialization

When you start a model F appliance hardware box for the first time, a red LED on its rear panel will blink for 1-2 hours. This is due to the RAID initialization that takes place then.

Retrieving Hardware Status Information

You can retrieve status information for your model F appliance hardware using the Supermicro SuperDoctor5 (SD5) tool. This tool is available to you if you are working with Secure Web Gateway 12.2 or later releases of the appliance software.

For more information, see Retrieve Hardware Status Information with the SuperDoctor5 (SD5) Tool.

The SNMP Subagent (SNMP-SA), which is another tool for retrieving information about the status of hardware devices, is not supported when you run Secure Web Gateway on a model F appliance.

Accessing the BIOS

On the model F appliances, the BIOS is password-protected. To access it, you need to submit the following when prompted for a password:


where l = lowercase letter l (ell) and 1 = number 1.   

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