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Set Up Secure Web Gateway on Nutanix

To install and run Secure Web Gateway (SWG) on Nutanix, you set it up there, so it can use a virtual machine (VM) that also runs on Nutanix as a platform. For the system requirements that are needed here, see Nutanix Requirements.

  1. Download an image of Secure Web Gateway for Nutanix from the Skyhigh Content & Cloud Security Portal at

  2. Log on to the Nutanix virtual user interface.

  3. Upload the image of Secure Web Gateway.

    a. On the virtual user interface, navigate to Dashboard Menu > Compute & Storage > Images.

    b. Click Add Images.

        The first page of the Add Images wizard appears titled Select Image.

     c. Under Image Source, select Image File. Then browse to where you stored the downloaded image
         of Secure Web Gateway for Nutanix and add it.

     d. Under Type, select Disk from the drop-down menu, then click Next.

         The  Select Location page of the wizard appears.

      e, Under Placement Method, select Place image directly on clusters. Then under Select Clusters, select the
          cluster where you want to store the image of Secure Web Gateway for Nutanix.

      f. Click Save.

You have now set up Secure Web Gateway on Nutanix. 

For information about how to create a virtual machine there as a platform for Secure Web Gateway, see Create a Virtual Machine for Secure Web Gateway on Nutanix.

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