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End-of-life (EOL) Dates for Secure Web Gateway

The following tables show the end-of-life (EOL) dates for Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (On Prem). Dates are shown for the appliance software and hardware. For the appliance software, dates refer to the major versions, including all follow-ups. For example, software versions 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2 are shown here as 9.x.

When it is more than two years that an end-of-life date for a software or hardware version has been reached, it is not shown anymore. For example, end of life for the Secure Web Gateway 7.7 appliance software was 12/31/2019. It is, therefore, not shown here anymore. 

All customers running any EOL version must update to our latest main release version at the earliest.
Visit our Upgrading the Secure Web Gateway Version guide to get update steps details.

Secure Web Gateway Appliance Software


Product Version End-of-life (EOL) Date
Secure Web Gateway 7.8 3/31/2021
Secure Web Gateway 8.x 12/31/2022
Secure Web Gateway 9.x 12/31/2022
Secure Web Gateway 10.x 12/31/2023
Secure Web Gateway



NOTE: Skyhigh SWG 11.x will reach the end of life in December 2024, so we strongly recommend to upgrading the older 11.x.x versions to SWG 11.12.16 at least or later before September 2024. There will be a significant impact on the functionality If you do not upgrade. We will not support McAfee domains, which will impact the SWG functionality. For more details, see Migration to Skyhigh FQDN

Secure Web Gateway Appliance Hardware


Product Version End-of-life (EOL) Date

Secure Web Gateway



Secure Web Gateway


Secure Web Gateway WBG-5000-C 12/31/2021
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5000-D 9/30/2025
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5500-C 12/31/2021
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5500-D 9/30/2025
Secure Web Gateway WBG-4500-E 3/31/2028
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5000-E/E2 3/31/2028
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5500-E/E2 3/31/2028
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5000-F -
Secure Web Gateway WBG-5500-F -


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