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About the Transparent Router Mode

The transparent router mode is a mode you can configure for the proxy functions of a Web Gateway appliance if you do not want to use an explicit mode.

In transparent router mode, the clients are unaware of the appliance and need not be configured to direct their web traffic to it.

The appliance is placed as a router immediately behind a firewall. A switch can be used for connecting the appliance to its clients. A routing table is used to direct the traffic.

Director and scanning nodes

If you are running several appliances as nodes within a complex configuration, for example, in a Central Management cluster, one node is usually configured as director, while the other nodes are configured as scanning nodes.

The director node receives web traffic from the clients and distributes it to the scanning nodes, which perform filtering activities on the traffic according to the rules that are implemented. Further handling of the traffic by the director or scanning nodes differs depending on what is configured. The director node can also perform filtering activities.

If you are only running one Web Gateway appliance in your network and want to configure it in transparent router mode, you must still configure the director role for it to let it receive, filter, and forward web traffic.

Best practice: Configure at least two director nodes to avoid problems in case one of them goes offline

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