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Configure the Object Sizes on Web Gateway for Trellix Virtual Execution

Object Size Limit

The size of the objects that are additionally scanned by Trellix VX must be checked for compliance with the size limits that exist for this product. There are some restrictions for Trellix VX regarding the size of web objects that can be scanned.

  • The default size limit is 100 MB, which means that web objects of any type must not exceed this limit.
  • The default size limit can be increased to up to 1 GB on the Trellix VX appliance.

Configure the Object Size Limit on Web Gateway for Trellix VX

  • On the Web Gateway, you can configure a rule that blocks files if they exceed a particular size limit. By inserting this rule in a ruleset for handling Trellix VX scanning activities, you can make sure that only files with suitable sizes are passed on to Trellix VX.
  • If you import the default rulesets for Trellix VX from the ruleset library, you can see a size limit criterion that is already listed.
  • For those rulesets that contain a rule for uploading web objects to Trellix VX, a size limit criterion can be added. This ensures that files that exceed the size limit are blocked and the rule for uploading to Trellix VX is not executed.
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