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Migration to Skyhigh FQDN

As part of our upcoming maintenance release 11.2.16 and 10.2.27 legacy FQDN's are updated.

  • Update Server domain will be changed from old to new
  • GTI Lookup domain will be changed from old and to new
  • SSE list synchronization domain will be changed from the old to

NOTE: For those three listed items no action is required where values are changed automatically during the SWG update. Nevertheless, we encourage customers to review in case any specific firewall rules are in place to allow connections to the older FQDN's, similar configuration needs to be applied for the new FQDN in your network.

  • Hybrid policy synchronization domain  
    • This value needs manually updated by the customer administrator whereas the old value in the section (Configuration > Cluster > Web Hybrid ) must be replaced


Note:  Not changing the web hybrid address after the update will result in policy synchronization issues once the legacy domain is shut down!

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