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Restart a service of the Operating System

Using the restart tool, you can stop a service of the operating system that is currently running and restart it again. If a service is not running at the time when the tool is applied to it, the service is started.

NOTE: You cannot restart the main mwg service and the sysconfd service, which is a daemon for implementing manual configuration changes, using this system tool.


  1. Select the Troubleshooting top-level menu.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance you want to start a service on and click System Tools.
  3. In the Command line parameters field, type the service name and parameters as required.
  4. Click service restart.
    The service is restarted and the executed service activities are displayed in the Results field.
    The following could, for example, be displayed after restarting the ip6tables service.
Flushing firewall rules: [OK]
Unloading ip6tables modules: [OK]
Applying ip6tables firewall rules: [OK]

NOTE: To export the results to a location within your file system, click Export and specify the location in the window
that opens.

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