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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Google Drive API Prerequisites


To integrate with Google Drive, the following prerequisites are required :

  • Enterprise or Business G Suite license.
  • Super Admin account in your organization's G Suite. Super Admins have administrator permissions and access to the Admin console and corresponding actions in the Admin API. This is required to integrate Google Drive with MVISION Cloud via API.
  • Data Access permissions. Data Access permissions provide access to specific data. Go to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Drive and Docs in Admin Console. 
    • Offline. Select Allow users to enable offline Docs.
    • Drive. Select Allow users to download, install, and use Google Drive for Mac/PC.
    • Drive SDK. Permissions that allow the admin to update and configure API access. Learn more here.
    • Add-Ons. Select Allow user to install Google Docs add-ons from add-ons store.


  • G Suite Audit access. Use the G Suite Admin Console to pre-configure your account for Audit access. Learn more here.

Authorize MVISION Cloud

To grant MVISION Cloud access to your Google Drive account, perform the following method. 

Method  - Manual

  1. In the G Suite admin console, go to Security > API Controls.
  2. Scroll down and go to Domain-Wide Delegation. Click MANAGE DOMAIN-WIDE DELEGATION.
  3. On the Add a new client ID screen, configure these:
  • Client ID. Add the following Client ID based on your environment:
  1. For the MVISION Cloud production environment at
  1. For the MVISION Cloud EU/Germany/Frankfurt environment at
  1. For the MVISION Cloud Canada environment at
  1. For the MVISION Cloud GovCloud / FEDRAMP environment:
Please contact {{corp}} Technical Support or your assigned deployment engineer
  • OAuth scopes (comma-delimited). Copy and paste the following 10 API scopes:,,,,,,,,,
  1. Click AUTHORISE.

Once MVISION Cloud is configured with Google Drive account, you can view the below screen:


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