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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Use the Smart Search App in Salesforce

Users who have Salesforce configured with an on-premises proxy can install the MVISION Cloud Smart Search App, which allows you to run wildcard searches without running into the Salesforce limit of 100 characters in a query.

When you run a search in Global Search using a wildcard (such as *), the search string can quickly grow beyond the 100 character query limit. When the query is cut, you can't expect correct search results. Smart Search doesn't have a limit on the number of characters in a search query, which allows room for wildcard searches.

To run Smart Searches, Salesforce data is indexed on-premises, meaning that no data from your Salesforce deployment leaves your premises, and all searches are run within your premises. 

Install the Smart Search App

Contact MVISION Cloud Support for information about installing and configuring the App. 

Configure Search Objects

Smart Search searches can be run on objects configured by a Salesforce Admin to define the list of searchable objects. All searchable fields in Lightning Experience are supported.

Run Searches

Run searches in the Smart Search tab. Wildcards are supported, as in the example shows below. MVISION Cloud appends the search string with all possible ciphertext (joined with an OR) to fully execute the search query. Because this search isn't passed to Global Search in Salesforce, the search string can be as long as needed to run.


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