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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Capacity and Sizing

MVISION Cloud is designed and optimized to provide data compliance services with a minimum impact on the performance of core Salesforce services and little to no effect on user experience. MVISION Cloud performance depends on many factors, conditions and variables, including the infrastructure and network latency where the MVISION Cloud servers are hosted, the distance from the users to MVISION Cloud/from MVISION Cloud Secure to, internet connection, bandwidth, and more.

MVISION Cloud performance measurements focus on latency, which is the time that each request and response spends on MVISION Cloud servers from the time the request hits MVISION Cloud until it is sent to or to the user respectively.

The performance benchmarking is designed to simulate typical Salesforce usage against the several MVISION Cloud secure encryption/decryption scenarios. The objective is to provide the customer with benchmarking information they can use for capacity planning.

The figure below depicts the MVISION Cloud secure system used for the performance benchmarking tests. The MVISION Cloud secure system consists of four servers. One server is a load generator, one is MVISION Cloud Secure Gateway, one is a MVISION Cloud Secure Token Dictionary, and one is a simulated Salesforce application. The MVISION Cloud Secure Gateway and the Token Dictionary are physical computers and all others are virtual machines.

Server OS (64-bit) Cores CPU (MHz) Memory (GB) Hardware
MVISION Cloud Secure Gateway CentOS 12 2.93 8 Physical
Token Dictionary
CentOS 12 2.93 8 Physical
Key Server CentOS 2 2.33 8 Virtual
Simulated Salesforce app CentOS 2 2.33 8 Virtual

*For the Token Dictionary database, the default MySQL config parameters were used.

Based on continuous load testing and performance measurements, MVISION Cloud’s average latency is 8.4 msec when working with up to 1,000 concurrent users (refers to 1,000 users that are working on through MVISION Cloud at the same time, an uncommon scenario). The ratio between the number of concurrent users and number of Salesforce application users (licenses), varies from one organization to another and depends on the nature of the business and the way users are using the application. In this benchmark, the assumption is that in an organization with 10,000 registered users, at most 1,000 users will work simultaneously.

Generally speaking, a single MVISION Cloud Secure Gateway can serve up to 10,000 users while adding less than 8.4 msec per transaction. For an average Salesforce response time of 225–250 msec per transaction, this represents a MVISION Cloud Secure incremental latency of less than 4%, considered to be negligible overhead in terms of overall user experience. The following table shows results from the benchmark performance testing for user operations on Salesforce measurements.

  Latency Total Tx time Concurrency
End User 8.4 ms 245 ms 10,000 users
API 28.2 700 ms 10,000 clients


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