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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Step 4: Set up SharePoint API Integration

IMPORTANT: If you are enabling MVISION Cloud API access for Office 365 for the first time in a specific Office 365 tenant, due to a requirement of Office 365, it will take up to 24 hours for user activity to be received by MVISION Cloud Threat Protection and User Activity monitoring. If no activity is received after 24 hours, contact MVISION Cloud Support.

To integrate SharePoint with MVISION Cloud via API:

  1. Go to Settings > Service Management.
  2. Click Add Service Instance
  3. Select Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  4. Instance Name. Enter a unique name for your SharePoint instance.  
  5. Click Done
  6. Select your new instance, then click the Setup tab. 
  7. Under API, click Enable
  8. On the Enable API screen, review the prerequisites, and check the box I have reviewed all prerequisites for enablement and completed any that are mandatory
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Provide API Credentials
  11. Enter the SharePoint Admin Center URL when prompted. If you don't know the URL, follow the instructions at, Find the SharePoint Admin Center URL.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Enter your Office 365 global admin account credentials when prompted. Click Sign In.
  14. When prompted, click Accept to allow the API connection to be established.
  15. When the integration is successful, you'll see a confirmation message.


  1. Login to your MVISION Cloud tenant and go to Settings > Service Management.
  2. Select your SharePoint instance and click the Setup tab. 
  3. Confirm that the API is connected and running properly.

Continue to Step 5.

Find the SharePoint Admin Center URL

Your SharePoint admin center is typically https://<Office 365 tenant IT>

For example, if your tenant ID is, then your SharePoint Admin center URL will be

Confirm this by navigating to the SharePoint Admin console:

  1. Login to Office 365 dashboard with an account that has Global Admin permissions.
  2. Select the Admin tile.
    view apps.png
  3. Go to the SharePoint Admin center.
    admin center.png
  4. Copy the base URL from the browser window as shown below.


NOTE: This is the same URL that needs to be specified after opening the Azure web-app for monitoring SharePoint/OneDrive sites.