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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Step 6: Installing the App in OneDrive and Enabling Monitoring

Enabling monitoring for OneDrive uses the SharePoint App installed in Step 5.

Make sure that you've integrated OneDrive with MVISION Cloud via API.

To add the app to OneDrive and enable monitoring:

  1. Log in to OneDrive using the global admin service account.
  2. From the settings menu, select Add An App
    ... or ...  ... then ... 


  4. From the site contents page, click on the app to open the Azure Web App page. Note if you encounter a new UI like this...
    ... then navigate to site Site Settings and then select the Security Integrator app from the 'recent' tab.

  5. You will see options to either automatically monitor all users or manually select users for DLP event monitoring
  6. Choose 'Manually select users..' option and submit
  7. You can search for a specific user (must provide full user name, partial search doesn't work for OneDrive users unlike SharePoint sites)
  8. Clearing the search box will display the current list of OneDrive sites being monitored.
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