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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Data Retention

McAfee MVISION Cloud's data retention policy is as follows:

Sanctioned Data Shadow Data
Threats Anomalies Activities Incidents Audit Logs Reports Monthly Weekly Daily
100 days 100 days 100 days 100 days 100 days 100 days 13 months 13 weeks 45 days

If you have purchased the Extended Sanctioned Data Plan, your data retention period for Sanctioned Data is 12 months instead of 100 days. 

If you would like to extend your data retention, contact MVISION Cloud Sales. 

For details about Data Retention for GDPR, see About the GDPR

Data Retention Update

The MVISION Cloud default data retention period has changed from 90 days to 100 days. Beginning with MVISION Cloud  5.0.2, the data retention policy (100 days or 12 months, if you purchased the 12-month data retention plan) is applied for the incidents displayed on the Policy Incidents summary and page. As a result, you may see fewer incidents displayed on the Policy Incidents pages compared to previous versions. Policy Incident retention policy is applied using the incident modified date.

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