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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Internet Explorer 11 End of Life

Microsoft has begun to end-of-life Internet Explorer 11 with an announcement that it will no longer be supported as of August 17, 2021. In conjunction, McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud plans to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 as of September 30, 2021

MVISION Cloud is withdrawing support for Internet Explorer 11 because it lacks support for new UI components and frameworks, which creates inconsistencies in the way features are rendered in different browsers. 

After MVISION Cloud 5.3.2, no new features of MVISION Cloud will be tested on Internet Explorer 11. 

Existing features will be supported, except for the known issues listed here. 

For more information, see Supported Web Browsers

Category Known Issue
General MVISION Cloud pages load slowly compared to Chrome and Firefox.
DLP DLP Policies page - Issues with policy creation and editing. 

Policy Incidents page - Issues with remediation, date picker, creating reports, saved views, and Cloud Cards. 

  Policy Settings page - Issues with displaying values, toggle buttons, text fields, email templates, scrolling, and saving changes. 
  Configuration Audit page - Issues creating policies. 
  Resources page - Issues with Cloud Cards. 
DRM DRM page - Issues with buttons and saving files. 
EaaS Service Management page - Issues with EaaS configuration details displaying.
Cloud Connector Issues with MVISION Cloud Connector pages loading. 
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