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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Support

How to Open a Case with McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud Support

The McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud (formerly Skyhigh Networks) Technical Support team is your point of contact for all post-sales technical issues (24/7/365), based on the entitled Support Program (see table).

You can open a case with technical support via the McAfee Enterprise Support Portal or use McAfee Enterprise Helpline numbers:

  • McAfee Enterprise Support Portal.
  • McAfee Enterprise Helpline Number.  The McAfee Enterprise Helpline for your country is available at
  • McAfee Enterprise Grant Number. The Grant Number is required to contact McAfee Enterprise Support.
  • Select Your Product. When opening a case with MVISION Cloud Support, select one of the following options:
    • MVISION Cloud CASB Connect
    • MVISION Cloud for IaaS
    • MVISION Cloud Shadow IT
    • MVISION Cloud Sanction IT
  • McAfee Customer Service. You can also contact our general Customer Service phone number for non-technical issues, such as obtaining grant numbers or questions about accessing or using the McAfee Enterprise Support Portal at 1-800-937-2237.

Case Response Target and Priority

Support Program Services Support Response
24/7/365 Access Yes
Response Targets  
Severity 1 1 hour *
Severity 2 4 hours
Severity 3 1 Business Day
Severity 4 2 Business Days
Escalation support (outside of business hours) See Support Escalation Matrix

* For accounts with Cloud ATC, first response time for Severity 1 issues is 30 minutes. 


Case Severity Description
Severity 1 A critical part of McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud is unusable and impacting your business. 
Severity 2 An important part of MVISION Cloud functions incorrectly and cannot be used, but all business processes continue to work. 
Severity 3 A part of MVISION Cloud functions incorrectly, but the system can be used. The error interferes with normal operations or occurs intermittently. All business processes continue to work. 
Severity 4 Problems with tasks such as adding a CSP or log validation. 


Support Escalation Matrix

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the progress of your case, you can escalate the case at any time by calling McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud Support. Support escalation contacts are available 24/7 and will follow up the escalation and assign the proper resources to drive the case to a resolution.

To contact Support for escalation, call 1-866-727-8383.

Customer’s Responsibilities

Before opening a case, please have the following information available:

  • Definition of the problem in detail.
  • Priority level and impact of the problem.
  • McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud software version.
  • Appropriate configuration, log, and debug data.
  • Current network topology. (Not required but highly recommended to help with the troubleshooting process for Severity 1 and 2 cases.)
  • Remote access for the Technical Support Engineer (TSE).

MVISION Cloud Support Ticket Resolution Process

The Technical Support Engineer (TSE) uses all required resources to provide a resolution to the reported problem. Where a resolution is not readily available, the TSE looks for ways to work around or mitigate the impact of the problem until a resolution is available.

To keep you informed of the progress on all open issues, the TSE updates the online case notes. You can log into the Support Portal ( and obtain updated status information about your case.

As part of the resolution process, the TSE can take any of the following steps:

  • Review configuration and debug information to identify a resolution for the issue.
  • Gather any relevant logs from the system as required.
  • Replicate the scenario/issue in the TS lab (where possible).
  • Troubleshoot live on the affected network.
  • Create an engineering defect (bug) when a cause appears to be a product defect.

Product Defect (Bug) Reporting Process

Please see the MVISION Cloud Release Notes for the latest product information and Known Issues for information about issues or existing bugs.

Any new or suspected product defects (bugs) found in the field should be reported to McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud Support using the problem reporting procedure described above. The Technical Support team verifies all issues before they are escalated to development engineering, and all known product defects are documented.


Grant Numbers

Grant Numbers required for registering on the McAfee Enterprise Support Portal are provided to your account’s Primary and Secondary contact and any additional contact who has opened a case with MVISION Cloud Support in the last nine months. Details are also shared with the account’s Business Contact as captured in the order details.

You can share Grant Numbers within your organization and with your resellers so they can open cases on your behalf. 

Existing Cases

Existing cases are migrated to the McAfee Enterprise Support system and MVISION Cloud Support continues to engage in these cases. Existing cases number persist within the McAfee Enterprise Support system. But, a new case number in the new system is generated as well.

Customers can use an existing McAfee Enterprise Support Portal login with an existing Grant Number to log a case with MVISION Cloud Support. MVISION Cloud Support checks for a valid entitlement for MVISION Cloud products and associates the SR number with correct Grant Number.

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