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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Add a Notification for Cloud Connector

MVISION Cloud Connector triggers an email notification report that describes the overall health and running status of Cloud Connector. MVISION Cloud Connector monitors the status of CC hourly, and if any discrepancies are identified, email notifications are sent. These health notifications are sent only for the CC Monitored list. To be added to or removed from the CC Monitored list, contact MVISION Cloud Support.

IMPORTANT:  If you enabled the notification but get no emails (for example, if CC is down for more than 24 hours) contact Support.

Admins can add new Notifications to the Settings > Global Notifications page using Saved Views. These Notifications become available for all users of a tenant.  

Users can add their custom notifications on the User Menu > Notifications Settings page. These Notifications appear under the heading My Notifications and are available only to the user. 

To add a Cloud Connector Notification:

  1. Under Cloud Connector, click Add new notification
  2. Select Overall Health
  3. Click Add new notification > Running Status.
  4. Click Save

Your Notification is created and automatically enabled. Your CC instances are monitored hourly. If any issues are identified, you receive an email notification via your registered email on the running status and overall health of the Cloud Connector.

Running status notification mail of the Cloud Connector:


Overall Health notification mail of the Cloud Connector:

Overall Health Email.png

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